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We have a zero-incident policy when it comes to maintaining employee, stakeholder and environmental safety


Transparent communication is how we build long-lasting, trusting relationships with you, our customers, vendors, contractors and employees

Team Work

By partnering our experts with your business, Amlon will manage your environmental services and risks efficiently and effectively


While we help other companies honor their environmental responsibility, we also maintain high social standards

Top Metal Recycling Company 2021

Core Business Units

Amlon is a global environmental services company focused on recycling, processing, treatment and management of metal bearing industrial waste streams. Our four (4) core business units are:

Spent Catalysts

Catalysts that contain metals, metal oxides or sulfides play a key role in the refinement of petroleum as well as other chemical applications. Once the catalyst has been deactivated, it is referred to as a spent catalyst. Amlon can process this spent catalyst to recover the base and precious metals so that they can be reused as raw materials or properly treated. Amlon can manage, process and treat all spent catalysts including those containing Cu, Zn, Ni, Mo, Co, V, W, Fe, Al, Pd, Pt, Rh, Ru and more to capture significant value and/or minimize treatment costs and related liabilities for our Generators.

Scrap & Residues

Instead of paying to dispose of scrap and residue that is created during the manufacturing process, we can recycle them for you, minimizing your environmental impact and maximizing economic benefit. Amlon is able to handle all types and forms of non-ferrous and precious metal, prime materials and by-products. This includes ashes, slags, sludges, residues, drosses, filter cakes, reformer tubes, dusts and fines. Amlon offers competitive pricing!

Ores & Concentrates

Amlon can help you reclaim and source ores and concentrates worldwide with an expertise in those that contain complex trace elements and impurities.

Finished Products

We can supply various metal based finished products from tolling or regular sale. Amlon can also recycle surplus products and production scraps including catalyst production scraps.


We Offer Solutions

Socially responsible companies are focusing their efforts on disposing industrial by-products and wastes in an environmentally friendly way. Amlon knows how to effectively recycle metals and manage your environmental impact in a financially favorable way. If you are looking for complete and fully-customized recycling and environmental services, Amlon satisfies all your criteria. Amlon offers solutions.