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Who is Alliance Resources Group?

This is a subsidiary of Amlon Resources Group (ARG) LLC specializing in developing reclamation programs for spent fatty catalyst and metal containing solutions.

What is the freight cost of my shipment?

In most cases, Amlon's reclamation program covers all aspects of the project beginning at your door. As a result, Amlon often incorporates freight costs into the overall value. Freight costs are an important consideration, and are affected by various factors. After consultation with the generator, we will work together to determine the proper classification of the material, so we can provide a carrier suitably licensed to transport.

How can I utilize the Amlon Advisory Board?
  Amlon's Advisory Board members are leaders in their respective areas of expertise and are ready and able to lend their experience to Amlon clientele. With a call to our New York headquarters, we can coordinate a conference call between you and the requested or appropriate Advisory Board Member. This is just another benefit available to our clients.
Where does my material go?
  In every instance, Amlon insures that your material is being processed by one of our audited subcontracted facilities. These facilities adhere to all pertinent local and national regulatory agencies. Amlon works closely with our partner facilities to track progress, and issues a Certificate of Consumption to the generator after the material has been processed. An example of this Certificate can be seen here.
Who is CATEAM?
  Made up of highly skilled personnel whose primary responsibility is the management of SPENT CATALYST, The CATEAM is a division within our organization that has been specializing in catalyst reclamation for over 15 years. Supplementing the engineering and processing expertise is a logistics component with HAZMAT course completion for domestic and international transportation of all manner of spent catalyst. Also comprised of individuals formerly with catalyst manufacturers and processors, our CATEAM provides unrivaled service to spent catalyst generators.
How do I get started?
  If your facility generates a metal-bearing material, whether that be concentrates, spent catalysts, scraps, residues etc., it is recommended that you first complete the Material Profile Sheet that can be found here. Upon receipt, one of our materials management professionals will review the contents and reply to you with next steps, comments, requests for additional information, samples, et al. After data has been evaluated we should then be in a position to submit a proposal for reclamation of your specific materials. As an alternative, you can always simply call and speak with a materials management professional who will be happy to discuss relevant details with you. Either way, contact us for an environmentally sound and economically competitive proposal.
What advantage does recycling have over landfill?
  There’s really no comparison at all! In this age of "going green", recycling of byproducts and secondary materials whenever possible is more advantageous to landfill. A recycled material can be used as a raw material substitute, thereby reducing ores and concentrate depletion and saving landfill space.  Recycling reduces your carbon footprint. It keeps your community clean and sends the right message to your employees, shareholders, their families and your neighbors. Depending on the type of waste, reclamation can streamline, reduce or eliminate certain reporting to environmental authorities. In most cases reclamation will allow generators to earn metal credits or positive payment as opposed to costly tipping fees. And it’s the right thing to do.
What are the documentation and regulatory requirements?
  There’s no one, easy answer, as every city, state, province or country has their own requirements, to say nothing of the generating facility’s needs and the handling needs of each individual materials stream. The first step in understanding these requirements is the review of your material, which can be started by completing our Material Profile Sheet. Once we have reviewed your data, we may require additional information, such as an MSDS, TCLP, TML, Analysis, or Assay Certificate. In some instances a sample will be required. Once we understand your byproducts, we can assess suitability for our various reclamation options. This allows us to draw up a logistics plan, which includes everything from packaging to handling to documentation. Once we determine requirements, we work closely with compliance personnel at a plant, local and governmental level to insure proper handling throughout the supply chain.
What determines appropriate packing?
  Amlon manages all manner of materials, packaged in a variety of ways. With the global reach enjoyed by Amlon, packaging is a vital component in planning for materials reclamation. Once we understand your material, we can work closely with you to determine a plan for packaging, transport and reclamation. As always, the first step in understanding these requirements is the review of your material, which can be started by completing our Material Profile Sheet. It is critical that our logistics personnel be involved early in this process, so we can troubleshoot packaging and determine appropriate ways to transport goods to avoid dangerous spillages, leaks, load-requirements, blocking & bracing, costly fines for non-compliance, and material loss.
Can you manage materials classified as waste?
  The answer is a resounding yes! When developing a reclamation program for a listed waste, we select subcontracted facilities that have the appropriate licenses to process such materials. Our logistics department with course completion in HAZMAT domestic and international transport by land, air and sea is prepared to recommend packaging and licensed carriers. We are able to work with you to safely collect your byproducts and deliver to our facilities in accordance with all requlatory requirements
What is the timeline?
  Amlon’s operations group reviews every project and determines the most appropriate way to expedite materials delivery. Amlon ships directly to contracted, audited facilities, without warehousing or delays that potentially leave our generators open to downstream liability. Once we understand your material, we will custom-tailor a program to suit your needs. A summary of our general program can be found here.
What is the minimum quantity for shipment?
  There really is no minimum quantity. We will in every instance guide the generator to insure that their material is shipped in the most efficient and economical way. If the material is generated on a regular basis it may be beneficial to accumulate minimum quantities. If it is a one time generation then we have solutions for this as well.
How can Amlon do this?
  We have been in existence for over 30 years, developing programs for many of the world’s leading petrochemical, mining, agri-business, automotive, electronics, metals, and manufacturing companies. In that time, we have developed a strong network of partners and experts. Amlon knows the materials, the processes that generate and manufacture and the facilities that can reclaim. But this is not just a mission, it’s a passion. We believe in our work and remain committed to our goal of Working Today for Tomorrow’s Environment.
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