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Alliance Resources Group LLC


Sales Office
71 Grand Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631

tel: (201) 871-0007
email: alliance@amlonresources.com



¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC provides generators of spent nickel catalyst, electroplating solutions (including acids), electroplating wastewater treatment filter-cake and similar materials, with the most economical, practical and regulatory compliant recycling service in North America.

¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC was formed to combine the metals recycling technology, international marketing expertise, major capital and plant Resources of three major corporations, providing industry with unique metal by-product recycling services.

¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC is a subsidiary of ARG which is an international metals Reclamation, Recovery and Environmental Management Group with offices in Brazil, Canada, Central Africa, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Arkansas USA, Kentucky USA, Maryland USA, New Jersey USA, New York USA, and Pennsylvania USA.

Benefits of the Alliance Resources Group LLC Recycling Process

¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC facilities are in compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations. The facilities carry EIL and general liability insurance, which is generally not available to smaller recycling facilities.

¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC offers logistical and transportation services throughout North America and worldwide and has detailed knowledge of all international shipping and environmental regulations covered under the Basel Convention rules.

¨ Alliance Resources Group LLC has the financial strength to compete in today's business climate and provide the financial assurances required by Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations when choosing a spent materials recycling vendor.



10 EAST 40TH STREET NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10016 USA TEL +212 685 4456 FAX +212 685 4602 EMAIL amlon@amlonresources.com