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Sustainability may be a bit of a buzz word today. But, here at Amlon, it’s what we do. As a metals reclamation, recovery and environmental management company, we’re all about developing and implementing socially responsible practices that create sustainability for our employees, our planet, our finances and all importantly, your business too. While we’re dedicated to acting in a socially responsible manner throughout our entire operations, our commitment can be broken into four components.

Responsibility to Our Employees

We’re committed to providing a safe, enjoyable and rewarding work environment to our employees and contractors. This involves realizing the importance of work-life balance, creating a company culture that people want to be part of, providing quality training and rewarding our employees for exceptional work. Our company is our team and as such, we take this responsibility very seriously and have subsequently, built a productive and inspiring work environment for our employees.

Responsibility to The Environment

Since Amlon was established more than 30 years ago, significant advancements have been made in terms of how metals and other secondaries are recycled. During this time, we’ve taken this progress on board to implement more environmentally-friendly processes and are constantly working to minimize the negative impact both our company and our clients have on the environment. While this is mainly done through providing new and innovative waste management solutions to reduce landfill, we’re also involved in providing additional services and information to help companies to prevent the release of hazardous materials as well as recovering from and decontaminating environments if pollutants have accidentally been released.

However, we’re not just focused on helping other companies to reduce their environmental impact. We also aim to reduce our own ecological footprint in everything we do from electricity usage to transportation.

Responsibility to Our Finances

We see financial success as a necessary component to being able to help other businesses to reduce their environmental impact too. As such, we aim to be efficient in our use of resources to reduce costs in areas that we can. This includes focusing on minimizing energy consumption and maximizing our utilization of contactors and transportation to achieve operational efficiency. However, although we realize our responsibility to our own finances, this value is never placed above that to our employees, the environment or our client.

Responsibility to Our Clients

It’s of upmost importance to us that we provide our clients with the best and most sustainable waste management services we can deliver. To do this, we’re constantly investing in our employees, research and development to find more efficient and effective ways to recycle metal byproducts and reduce operating costs for our clients. However, in this highly regulated industry, we’re also dedicated to being leaders who provide professional and ethical advice to our clients regarding best practices and industrial regulations. As experts in environmental services, we take responsibility for providing accurate and transparent information that informs our clients of what’s going on throughout the entire recycling process.