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At Amlon, safety is at the very core of our business values. We feel that it’s not only our duty to look out for the safety of our stakeholders, but that it’s our responsibility to take proactive steps to protect the environment and reduce any potential negative impact that our operations may have. Through our words, attitude and actions, we’re committed to continuously striving to uphold the highest standards of safe practices throughout all facets of our business. We’re not here simply to recycle metals, we’re here to make the world a better place. As such, the safety of our employees, customers, suppliers, contractors and the general public is our number one priority.

Stakeholder Safety

Through our extensive health and safety program, we aim to prevent any injuries and occupational illnesses from occurring due to unsafe practices. Instead of just accepting harmful incidents and injuries as accidents that happen, we’ve uphold a high standard of health and safety practices throughout all facets of our business.

However, our safety procedures aren’t just a book to be read or a box to be ticked. Instead, they’re a lifestyle that we encourage every one of our stakeholders to take responsibility for as without them, we wouldn’t be able to successfully create a safe environment. It’s a policy that we’ve worked to incorporate in our company culture so that our employees, contractors and visitors to our sites take initiative to maintain a high standard of health and safety practices 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Communication is a key part of this as our team focuses on preventing accidents, spills and other incidents from occurring before they do whilst having strict procedures that dictate how to appropriately manage and minimize any negative impact if anything is to ever happen.

Furthermore, all recordable injuries and illnesses are included in our safety statistics and are analyzed to assess where we need to make further improvements to protect our stakeholders at work.

Environmental Safety

As reclamation company, minimizing environmental harm is at the very core of what we do best. As such, our work processes are thoroughly planned and controlled to recognize potential hazards, evaluate their likely impact and actively work to reduce any negative outcomes.

Our Safety Record

Amlon is extremely proud to maintain an excellent safety record. With low incident rates in both workplace injuries and accidents as well as our positive overall environmental impact, our safety results set as apart from other environmental management companies.

However, we’re not just content with past performance. We also recognize the need to constantly strive for improvement. Because of this, we’re continually looking to improve our business processes and performance so that our environmental management services can truly serve to create a better future for our stakeholders and the world. We believe that having zero incidents is the only appropriate goal and that our dedication and commitment to providing an exceptional level of safety makes it an achievable goal.