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Amlon Services

Amlon is a worldwide leader in providing management and reclamation programs for virtually every link of the metals supply chain. This includes everything from ores and concentrates to scrap and residues, spent catalysts and finished products. By offering innovative, environmentally conscious and economically competitive programs, Amlon has revolutionized the industry to offer a superior range of services. Amlon staff have also led in-house seminars as well as having published and delivered leading papers on metals reclamation.

In order to efficiently optimize the reclamation process for your metal-bearing secondaries, it’s essential that you (the generator), partner with a quality reclamation company (that’s us), to carefully plan and coordinate your changeout efforts. This involves:

  • Proper planning and physical handling
  • Safe and efficient transportation
  • Adherence to environmental regulations and correct classification of materials
  • Best end use for catalysts
  • Choosing the most suitable reclamation partn


Our logistics department can arrange and coordinate the entire logistics process from the point of pick up at the suppliers site to being received at our End Users. They’re also qualified in hazardous materials handling and hold the appropriate insurance to protect the generator from liability.

Although it’s your responsibility as the generator to classify any materials correctly, our traffic department and freight forwarding company can assist and lend their expertise if needed. After processing, a consumption certificate will then be provided for your records.


Domestic and International

Amlon meets both domestic and international regulations pertaining to the transfrontier shipment of recyclables. Our experienced and certified experts are qualified in both international air and US Department of Transportation hazardous material transportation.

Amlon staff members have led in-house seminars on regulations and transportation. Some have even published and delivered papers internationally on this subject. Additionally, we can also put you in touch with our ARG advisory board of experts to answer any further questions you may have.

An Amlon representative should consult with your personnel on the following packing options prior to project commencement:

SACKS – These are the ideal packaging for most materials. They hold four times the weight of a drum. However, sacks cannot be used with pyrophoric or with certain other hazardous materials.

DRUMS – Best suited for materials which may be pyrophoric or have high moisture contents.

BULK –  Bulk loading equipment is typically more expensive and must be loaded by the generator from a suitable staging area. It is not recommended for fine, dusty material

FLOWBINS – An appropriate choice for handling heavier weights and dry hazardous materials. While easy to load, flowbins can be costly for long-term projects. You must specify where you’d like your empty bins returned to.

FLEXIBLE IBCs – Newer, innovative packaging licensed for hazardous and pyrophoric materials and wastes. Further information available upon request.

ROLL-OFFS – Reliable option for long-term projects with slow-load times. While they can be expensive due to rental and transportation costs, they may be convenient. Note that if you do rent your own roll-off, a transportation provider must be provided.

TOTES – Ideal for certain liquids and finished products, particularly acid-based solutions in smaller units or quantities.

PLACARDS – Amlon can assist and supply placards to our customers, as needed.