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¨ Phibrotech and Amlon Resources Group are pleased to announce the formation of a joint venture to be known as ALLIANCE Resources GROUP LLC. This venture will combine the technical expertise of Phibrotech a manufacturer of high purity chemicals and the largest hydrometallurgical recycling company in North America with Amlon Resources Group LLC a company with 10 offices worldwide that develops waste management programs for nonferrous and precious metal bearing spent materials. Both these companies leaders in their respective fields will provide generators of spent nickel catalyst, electroplating solution (including acids), electroplating wastewater treatment filter-cake and similar materials with the most economical, environmentally sound and compliant recycling service in North America. With a sales force strategically located throughout the country and utilizing the unique pyrometallurgical process of Langeloth Metallurgical, a division of Thompson Creek Metals which is under contract to Alliance Resources generators of the aforementioned spent materials now have available the best of all worlds.

Contact information is as follows:

Robert L. Koppel

Sales Office:
10 East 40th Street
New York, NY 10016
Ph: 212-685-4456
Fax: 212-685-4602

For additional information on the respective joint venture parties we invite you to click on their websites.

PHIBRO-TECH Inc. ­ http://www.phibro-tech.com

Amlon Resources Group LLC ­ https://www.www.amlonresources.com