Two members of Amlon’s core team: Jim Hamilton – Catalyst Procurement Specialist based in Arkansas, and Andrew Lis– Operations & Customer Service Manager from the Corporate Head Office in NYC – made their annual pilgrimage to Tulsa, OK to celebrate the Tenth Annual SynGas Association Conference.

The venue provides Amlon with the opportunity to meet with many of our valued customers and spend some all-important face time. This opportunity to discuss issues related to the industry, identify opportunities for Amlon to improve its service, and to deepen relationships with our clients is always welcome. Amlon’s annual International Beer Festival, was once again well received, and we wish to take a moment to thank everyone who stopped by.

In addition, Amlon would also like to thank attendees who joined Amlon’s Andrew Lis for a Q & A breakout session on spent catalyst handling and management, an area of expertise for Amlon. Attendance was extraordinary and the questions raised quite instructive as to the market’s current position and demands. Based on exit comments it appears that in general the attendees gained an appreciation of the changing marketplace and the environmental regulations in a growing market segment. Amlon is grateful to all attendees and was pleased to offer our expertise and guidance, and are especially appreciative of our co-host Clariant Catalyst for their time, dedication and the knowledge shared. A packet including the handouts and additional newsworthy information was provided at the conference and will be mailed to interested attendees at their request. We are always pleased to answer questions and comments. If you had not attended the session or conference but are interested in receiving this info packet please send us an e-mail and you will be included on the mailing.

Jim and Andrew look forward to seeing everyone again at the SynGas Association Conference in 2015. Remember to stop by Amlon’s suite!