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Team Work

At Amlon, our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals is our greatest asset. We value people who work hard and are highly motivated to make a real difference to businesses and the environment. As such, our company culture is built around recognizing great employees and encouraging initiative and innovation to provide you with the best service possible.

Partnering with Us

By choosing us as your metal reclamation and environmental service provider, you won’t just gain access to our incredible team, you’ll join it. We recognize that both your company and ours are stronger when we work together as an effective team. As such, we want to work with your business, not just for it, to find the best custom-solution to your needs.

During your initial consultation, our representative will take the time to talk to you to discover the ins and outs of your operations. Not only will this help us to better understand your waste management needs, it’ll also help us to get to know your company and what’s important to its success.

However, our professional relationship won’t just stop once we’ve signed you up for a reclamation service. We’re focused on developing a lasting relationship that’s mutually beneficial to both of our companies. As such, your account manager will stay in touch to ensure that everything is running smoothly. With regular reporting, we’ll work together to refine your recycling services and address any concerns you may have. If, at any time, you’ve got ideas for how we can improve our procedures, we’d love to hear them. Additionally, if you’re thinking about adapting or refining your processes in a way that we might be able to help, ask us for our opinion. It’s likely that our extensive network includes other businesses that are similar to yours and could offer further insight to refine your company and its bottom line.

Amlon Resources Group Team Work

It all starts with recruiting people with the right attitude, providing initial training and then fostering their talents until they’re respected experts in their field. As such, many of our employees are long-term brand advocates and we continue to encourage their success through internal promotion and skill development.

Over the past 30 plus years of operation, we’ve established an incredible network of employees, contractors and other contacts in the environmental waste management industry worldwide. This enables us to efficiently manage all sorts of jobs from small, one-off tasks to large, ongoing operations. We’ve got the right people to ensure that your job is completed quickly, correctly and professionally, regardless of how complicated or straight forward it may be. It’s also what enables us to provide financially competitive services that rival the top reclamation competitors globally.

Our employees also share our values of safety, communication, team work and responsibility with us. They’re the very reason that we’re able to provide you with such exceptional environmental services and are here to give you the solutions you’ve been looking for.