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Third Quarter Review

As we near the close of another calendar year, Management is pleased to report that in spite of these difficult economic times and widely-fluctuating commodities prices, 2011 appears to be another successful year for the Amlon Resources Group.

After careful consideration and deep reflection exhibited in the photo below, Amlon’s management attributes this success to the following:

1) Our primary focus, customer service, which remains a driving force in all that we do

2) Global coverage — we’re able to make our presence felt worldwide. Even as our competitors are contracting, we are expanding, with consistent and expanded relationships in the Far East, and exponential growth in the South American and European regions.

3) Dedicated personnel — dedicated to our customers’ individual needs, with a strong commitment to excellence in all that we do for you.

4) Expertise in worldwide waste regulations — in an ever-changing world, we provide you a bit of certainty by tracking changes and working with international governing bodies on a daily basis

5) Streamlined communications and database infrastructure — by making sure we are on the same page internally, we can spend more of our days working with you, the client.  

In a world of uncertainty, rely on the environmental management partner with over thirty years of expertise for your metals-bearing materials and byproducts: The Amlon Resources Group.  Join us the next time you’re near our NY headquarters!

Do you see a reason not to be optimistic?

A “liquid” moment during our 3rd quarter review, with some of the New York Office staff. (l, r: Igor Veltman, Katie Potochney, Andrew Lis, Robert Koppel, Lee B. Lasher, Antoinette Martino, Amy Buchtman)